Modern Wildlife and Western Artist

 "After moving to the West over a decade ago, I have become captivated by the landscape, animals and history that abound here. My artwork is how I engage with this awe-inspiring land. My aim is to capture some of the West's spirit, strength and grace to share with others.  

A lot of my work is about trying to balance opposing forces. Traditional subject matter presented in a modern way; offsetting realistic handling of form with big, loose blocks of values and shapes; balancing realism with abstraction.”  David Frederick Riley

David Frederick Riley is a Wildlife, Western and Portrait Painter.  His work is collected nationally and internationally.  Riley shows his original paintings with ten of the top Western and Southwestern Galleries in the United States, as well as one gallery in New Zealand.  He hosts 6 to 9 solo shows per year, as is one of the top selling Wildlife and Western painters alive today.  Riley lives in Midway, Utah with his wife, and fellow artist, Nealy May Riley and their two children Cameron and Ellison.

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Ready to Ride - Canvas - Open Edition Unsigned

From $310.00 - $2,525.00

Hide and Seek Runner Up - Canvas - Open Edition Unsigned

From $330.00 - $2,525.00

Chief Wolf Robe - Canvas - Open Edition Unsigned

From $330.00 - $2,525.00

Calling in the Season - Canvas - Open Edition Unsigned

From $310.00 - $2,245.00